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Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation

Survival of the fittest: organizations are continuously challenged to innovate in order to remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing environment. The Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation (ACBI) develops and disseminates new knowledge and insights that help firms, sectors and regions to strengthen their innovation performance. ACBI is a leading knowledge center of the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam. It focuses on bringing you the latest developments in business-related innovation in the broadest sense. You can find out more about topics ranging from business model innovation to the introduction of new management practices and organizational forms, smarter ways of working and new ways of co-creating value in collaborative networks.
(Photo: Jean Luc Laval)

Netherlands climbs 7 places in Global Gender Gap Index
While the 1 April 2021 report shows that the Netherlands climbed 7 places in the Global Gender Gap Index, the global trend shows that inequalities between men and women are growing.
Results of the 2020 Dutch Innovation Monitor
Read more about the definitive findings in the 2020 Dutch Innovation Monitor report 'The Dutch innovation landscape in turbulent times'. The report (in Dutch) can be downloaded at the link below.
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