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Dutch Innovation Monitor


The Dutch Innovation Monitor (Nederlandse Innovatie Monitor) is one of the largest annual survey-based studies on innovation in the Netherlands. The monitor is an initiative of the UvA Amsterdam Business School’s Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation.

The 2020 Dutch Innovation Monitor’s interim findings

While many Dutch businesses have taken losses during the corona-crisis, most companies expect they will recover financially within a year. From one perspective, COVID-19 has turned out to be a driver of innovation

VDL Group wins Dutch Innovation Award 2019

The VDL Group received the Dutch Innovation Award 2019 during the television broadcast of De Wereld van Morgen on Wednesday 26 June. The VDL Group consists of 104 high-end manufacturing companies.

Overview of the most important results of the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2019 (in Dutch): click here.

Full report by SEO (affiliated with the University of Amsterdam)

A look at the results of the Dutch Innovation Monitor: ‘Een blik op het Nederlandse innovatielandschap’

Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation
The selection committee of the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2019

Nominees Dutch Innovation Award 2019

The nominees of the Dutch Innovation Awards 2019 are D2D Water Solutions, Hanskamp AgroTech and VDL Group.