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The Amsterdam Digital Transformation Lab focuses on interdisciplinary research in the fields of management, innovation, and technology.

Digital transformation requires incumbents to update their managerial and organizational practice as well as business relationships. These changes are necessary to benefit from the capacity of digital technologies. Exploring the adoption of new technology such as AI or Cloud as an essential lever for digital transformation, we provide meaningful resources for educators, practitioners, and policymakers alike.  Please find out more about our recent publications and current projects.

Research in the spotlight

Digital security paradox: Legitimacy strategies for privacy and availability

This project aims to provide a first-hand understanding of the platform stakeholders' trade-offs between privacy and performance 

Innovation bias as a barrier to responsible digital transformation

This project examines how the internal and external innovation context of digital innovation projects in the financial industry leads to (ir)responsible outcomes.

Technology as a cult:

This project investigates the emergence of a cult of technology believers and how this process can affect the overall adoption of the technology.

Managerial communication about digital strategy

This project aims to create an open, user-friendly, and well-structured database that is specialized in managers' formal communications, such as annual reports, earning calls, or press releases about digital transformation.

The Effects of Contextual Factors on the Quality of Business Model Ideas

In the face of technological disruption, incumbent firms need to adapt their business models to be able to survive and prosper. The first step in developing a new business model is to generate business model ideas. 

Platform Strategy: How Complementors Succeed on a Platform

Data collected from Alibaba will be used to do quantitative research and explore how entry timing, differentiation and communication with customers of complementors with the different user base can influence their performance. 

How digitally transformed is your business? Developing a rigorous and relevant scale for incumbents’ digital maturity

Achieving digital maturity has become a pivotal cornerstone in the strategy agenda of incumbent firms. Identifying digital resources can help practitioners in devising digital transformation strategies.