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Amsterdam Digital Transformation Lab

We offer academic programmes, fully taught in English, to students of the Amsterdam Business School. Our objective is to equip students with the skills and competences required to succeed in today’s digital economy. For example, course participants learn to explain why and how some companies succeed in digital transformation, while others do not. Also, students learn to design strategies for incumbents to take advantage of digital transformation based on relevant theories and case studies.

Digital transformation

We provide industry specific education and training in the field of digital transformation. Read more about these programmes below.
The curriculum is continuously updated and reflects most insightful cases and stories from the industry. From blockchain to artificial intelligence and from platform business models to IT disruptions: the transition into digital products, services and business models is having a tremendous impact, radically challenging and changing how we work, compete, cooperate, buy, sell and create value. During the course, we invite students to collaborate with our partner network and turn theoretical insight into practical action. Our graduates are in high demand and we are proud they work both in commercial companies for non-profits as well. 


We offer the following courses in digital transformation and innovation:

Our courses and programmes feature corporate sector guest speakers who are leaders in the field of digital transformation.
Our past guest speakers included:

  • Linkedin: Arno Nienhuis, director of Benelux LinkedIn
  • Allego: Anja van Niersen, Founder and chairman
  • Heineken: Jurriaan van ‘t Hoff, Director Global B2C eCommerce
  • Axis Group : Milad Toliyati, Director of Enablement and Digital Transformation
  • Valtech: Steffie Veen-Vroomen, sr. Digital Strategy Consultant
  • Royal IHC: Bjhavic Thakker, Head of Digital Business

Thesis and internships

  • For students:


    Students have the opportunity to do their master's thesis under the supervision of expert scholars in the field of digital transformation and strategy in the DT lab. They can do both qualitative and quantitative research based on their own choice and contribute to the development of this fascinating field.


    The DT lab enables master's students to do their thesis for companies with digital-related problems. Students would learn how to answer a practical problem with an academic perspective and do meaningful research. Companies can also benefit from a fresh perspective coming from talented students who use the best research methods to answer their questions.