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Project brief

Ecosystem perspective is increasingly become relevant for understanding competitiveness and survival of the organizations (Adner 2017; Adner and Kapoor 2016). The development of digital technologies is blurring the boundaries between traditionally segregated industries (e.g. health, transportation, media, utilities, etc.). In this context of increasing industry convergence, organizations need to redefine their collaborative and competitive behavior as they take part in digital eco-systems comprising unconventional actors from previously unrelated industries. The following research questions may be worthwhile for (re)consideration in this new competitive landscape:

  • How does the process of emergence of new digital ecosystems look like and what factors contribute to competitiveness of incumbents and newcomers during this process?
  • What are the organizational capabilities required for dealing with multilateral relationships in emergent digital ecosystems?
  • How ecosystem players can benefit from co-creation with suppliers, customers, and partners to compete in a digital ecosystem?
  • What are the dynamics of coopetition in emergent digital ecosystems? What is the role of institutional factors and processes in success of the ecosystem players?
  • How can incumbents collaborate with entrepreneurial firms to secure sustainable competitiveness in the digital ecosystem?