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On 22 April, Henk Volberda gave a presentation on the digital economy and its underlying digital infrastructure to Dutch Members of Parliament and members of the European Parliament. Following his presentation, he answered questions from the politicians in attendance.

Volberda's presentation gave a general description of the scope of the Dutch digital economy and the role played by digital infrastructure. He additionally went into detail on European and global developments with regard to innovation, key technologies and connectivity. Volberda concluded his presentation by outlining opportunities, challenges and threats in the digital economy of the Netherlands.
The presentation was the second in a series organised by the Digitale Binnenhof Academy (parliamentary digital academy). Watch Volberda's presentation on the Digitale Binnenhof Academy's website.

Henk Volberda is professor Strategic Management and Innovation at Amsterdam Business School and scientific director of the UvA's Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation.