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Which Dutch business will win the 2020 Dutch Innovation Award (Nederlandse Innovatie Prijs 2020)? The ten organisations nominated have distinguished themselves in the field of sustainable innovation. The winner will be announced on the AVROTROS television programme ‘De Wereld van Morgen’ set to air on Monday 19 October. The Dutch Innovation Monitor compiled by the Amsterdam Business School's Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation (ACBI) was used to select the nominees.


The nominees are (in alphabetical order):

  • Arcadia Chrysanten
  • Binder Groenprojecten
  • Bolesian
  • Demcon
  • Havenbedrijf Rotterdam
  • Koppert Cress
  • Livekindly Collective
  • Mc Energy
  • Protix
  • Vital10

The 2020 Dutch Innovation Monitor (Nederlandse Innovatie Monitor) is one of the largest annual survey-based studies on innovation in the Netherlands. The survey is conducted by SEO Amsterdam Economics and coordinated by Henk Volberda, Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation at the Amsterdam Business School. Volberda is also director of the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation.


More than 13,000 businesses in the Netherlands were invited to take part in the survey. Ultimately, approximately 1,000 participants, mostly senior managers from a wide range of business sectors took part in the survey. Insights from the Dutch Innovation Monitor, desk research, and interviews were used in the selection rounds that preceded the shortlist. A jury of experts will now choose 3 finalists from the 10 shortlisted candidates. The results of the Dutch Innovation Monitor will also be announced on 19 October.

Turbulent context

‘The Dutch Innovation Award showcases and recognises an organisation's capacity for innovation. Organisations often operate in a turbulent context and this is especially true given everything that's happened this past year. They face challenges related to sustainability and inclusiveness, and the added challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. Innovation is important in helping organisations weather - and even prosper - during turbulent times', explains research leader and jury chair Volberda.


The following persons are jury members:  Hans Boumans (Technology Transfer Manager TNO), Lotte de Bruin (director Nederland ICT), Thomas Grosfeld (VNO-NCW Innovation and Top Sector policy specialist ), Mariëtte Hamer (chair of the Social and Economic Council), Geert Huizinga (director Belangenbehartiging FME), Mark Pehlig (deputy-chair Koninklijke NLingenieurs), Sjaak van der Tak (chair LTO Glaskracht Nederland), Doekle Terpstra (chair Techniek Nederland), Focco Vijselaar (Director-General for Enterprise and Innovation, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate), and Pieter Waasdorp (director of Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate).