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Our core team has a strong academic background and is able to continuously leverage its accumulated knowledge to the needs and issues of directors, managers and policy-makers. The core team is complemented by well-trained research assistants and supporting staff, operating as one team.

Prof. H.W. (Henk) Volberda


Dr. M.A. (Rick) Hollen

Senior managing researcher

Dr. ing. C.V. (Kevin) Heij

Senior managing researcher

Dr Z. (Zahra) Kashanizadeh

Senior researcher

Mr M.T. (Taghi) Ramezan Zadeh

Senior researcher

Mr N.P. (Niels) van der Weerdt

Senior research associate

Ms R. (Renée) Rotmans


Ms F. (Fatemeh) Masihkhah


Mr B.G. (Beauregard) Berton


Mr B.J. (Bo) Bradt

Research assistant

Ms C. (Chengdi) Fa

PhD Candidate